Major The Last of Us Part 2 Spoilers Have Leaked Online

Be Careful When Searching for The Last of Us Part 2 Online

Several The Last of Us Part 2 videos that reveal significant details about the game’s story were discovered online on Sunday. COGconnected won’t provide any links to the videos or any details about the story spoilers but it can confirm that some of the leaked footage appears to be legitimate.

It is currently unclear who uploaded the footage, however, it appears to be from a build of the game from earlier this year. The footage has apparently been removed from video sites but it is likely that copies of them are still floating around online.

Currently, neither Naughty Dog or Sony have released a statement in response to this massive leak but it potentially puts both companies in an awkward position since the game has been indefinitely delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and leaks for the major plot beats of this highly-anticipated story-focused game are currently circulating online.

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