My Hero Academia Season 1 Available Free on PSN

Something to Watch During the Lockdown

Good news to Playstation owners, Sony has put on the entire season one of My Hero Academia on PSN! My Hero Academia is an anime that is currently in its fourth season and is one of the best, if not the best, shonen anime on air. Taking place in a world where most of the population possess some sort of superpowers, the show follows a protagonist on his journey to become a superhero in the strange society.

My Hero Academia

To access it, just search for My Hero Academia on the PSN store, and season one should be available for free! Simply add it to the cart, check out, and enjoy!

Many entertainment companies have been offering free deals to encourage people to stand indoors during these times. The more people commit to the social distancing, the quicker the disease will die down, so every little bit of help to make the lockdown more tolerable is really thoughtful. SEGA has put up Shogun 2 for free for a week as well, make sure to get your hands on it! It’s considered one of the best strategy games ever, and you don’t even have to play it right away, just make sure to add it to your library!

Source: gamerant