Developer Destructive Creations Announce Hatred Coming to Switch

Don’t Cut Yourself on All that Edge There

Nintendo Switch is unrelenting in expanding its library. Games of the past, present, future; the bad, the good, and the undecided; those in demand and those we forgot about, the Nintendo Switch wants it all. The latest game to be announced for the handheld/home console hybrid is 2015’s Hatred. If you remember/have heard about Hatred, it was probably not because of its quality, but because it made enough noise to be noticed, as there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding its release.


Hatred’s driving narrative element was its “genocide crusade”, which is basically just mass murder. Not that there aren’t a ton of games that do that, but that struck the wrong chord with a lot of people. Developer Destructive Creations specifically made Hatred in response to political correctness, which is kind of ironic since there was a big stink about it being removed from Steam Greenlight before its release. Eventually, Steam went back on that removal and Hatred was released. Unfortunately, Hatred was not as hot as its reputation implied.

Hatred was met with low review scores from pretty much everyone. Reviewers said that it was uninspired, repetitive, and boring; all the things that are universally undesirable in a video game. Five years later, it is no small wonder why it is being given another shot on the Nintendo Switch. The console is adding more mature games than any of its predecessors, so Hatred will fit in in that sense, but Nintendo also kind of goes for games that were once loved, which Hatred wasn’t. Regardless, Hatred will be hitting the Switch. No release date as of yet.

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Source: Twitter