The Witcher Cosplay Video Guide Posted By Netflix

Will It Blend? (Make Up)

If you want to see living, breathing art, look no further than the cosplay community. We see amazing costumes and practical effects done in our favourite movies and shows, but then to see fans recreate it on their own is breathtaking. Netflix has reached out to Alyson Tabbitha, a professional cosplayer, to create a video guide for her The Witcher cosplay of Renfri. This particular cosplay is based off the show and not the video game and in a few short minutes, Alyson shows us how she can transform herself into Renfri, played by Emma Appleton.

The Witcher Cosplay

While cosplaying can take an extreme amount of time and effort, this video shows the main highlights of Alyson’s transformation. Half the video is dedicated to using make up to capture the exact shape and look of Renfri’s face, and the other half is showing us how she put together her costume. Emma Appleton’s face is much different than Alyson Tabbitha’s, but Tabbitha creates shadows and lines with her make up to change the apparent shape of her eyes, nose, cheeks, and jaw to match Appleton’s.

The costume of a cosplayer is often what people look at and admire most, but the video kind of glosses over a lot of that. Alyson shows how she make Renfri’s brooch and over-skirt, and then puts everything together to show us a perfect cosplay of Renfri. A few years ago, we did a focus on Alyson Tabbitha’s cosplays. Hopefully, Netflix makes more videos like these with other Witcher characters or other series characters. The Witcher is streaming on Netflix now.

What other cosplays would you like to see Netflix make videos of? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: YouTube