Team17 Is Teasing a New Worms Game for 2020

2020, Year of the Worm

Of all the turn-based, tactical artillery games out there, Worms has got to be one of the quirkiest, yet iconic. It has this charm that you cannot just sum up with “you play as worms” or “you have crazy weapons”. While that is basically the premise, there is way more to it than that. That is why Team17 has been able to make 20 different Worms titles between 1995 and 2016. Now, for the first time in four years, they are making another Worms game, coming this year as well.

Worms Game

Earlier today, Team17 announced on Twitter that Worms will be coming back in 2020. Along with a short video, they tweeted: “INCOMING! Get ready for Worms like you’ve never played before! Things are getting real in 2020 – more details coming soon…” The video appears to be a compilation of all the numbered entries of the Worms series. When it gets to the latest one, the camera zooms out to show that it the video is displayed on a TV, one of the old CRTs. Then, from out of nowhere, a worm leaps out and smashes the TV with a baseball bat. Someone throws a grenade at the worm, who then knocks it out of the park, so to speak. A baseball organ plays, but then a Holy Hand Grenade lands in front of the worm, who then braces for its destruction. The screen gets covered in flames and 2020 appears.

New Worms is always welcome news, but I wonder if Team17 hasn’t used very deliberate language in their tweet. Maybe there is something there to unpack. We will see soon enough. The teaser is called “Worms 2020 – Teaser Trailer” so the game might just be called Worms 2020.

What do you think this new Worms game is going to be? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter