No Russian Will Still Be in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster

We Can All Get Traumatized All Over Again

No Russian might not be the most iconic mission in the Call of Duty franchise, but it is certainly the most controversial. For those who missed out on the craze of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 back in 2009, there was a very famous mission that made you take part in a mass shooting at an airport in Moscow. As you could imagine, a lot of people were disturbed and outraged that this was even in the game, to begin with. Lucky for those people, they can get mad all over again.

call of duty

It should be pointed out that the mission was optional. However, this infamous level was only skipped if you checked a box at the beginning of the story mode. The warning was vague and did not really do a good job of hinting what you were walking into.

This remaster of Modern Warfare 2 has been a bit of shock to everyone as it is rumored to release tomorrow on the 31st. This is only going to be a remaster of the single-player campaign. There will be no multiplayer or Spec Ops. To compensate for the lack of content, the price tag is only going to be $29.99. Not a bad deal if you want to relive some parts of your childhood.

Judging from the lack of multiplayer, don’t expect to see this game find much success. While the story is good and a fun time to play, it was the online that really made Modern Warfare 2 the blockbuster hit that it was back in the day. Modern Warfare 2 would really set the standard for online shooters going forward. Missing the chance to bring that back in the remaster is going to be very disappointing to a lot of long time fans.