Riven Remaster Set for 2024 Release

The 90’s Return

A blast from the past is almost ready to return the gaming world. The puzzles of the 90’s are getting ready to be unleashed in a ground-up remake built with Unreal Engine 5. That’s right, today, Cyan Worlds is happy to announce that their puzzle adventure Riven, is coming once again to flatscreen and VR platforms in 2024. The Myst sequel is being remade with the intention of retaining a major connection to its roots. However, the new version of the game is aiming to take the interactive storytelling medium to new heights with modern-technology. Of course, a new teaser trailer gives players a glimpse of the game’s updated look. 


Riven is widely regarded as a standard setter for the 90’s. A sequel to Cyan Worlds’ Myst, the game invites players to enter the D’ni Empire and explore the decaying age of Riven. Of course, with modern technology at developer’s disposal, the game is ready to offer immersion on a whole new level. In fact, players can experience a larger and more puzzle-filled world. Now, players will also be able to explore with free movement as they travel across the various islands of the game. Importantly, each island is home to its very own intricate puzzles. Additionally, the remaster of the game includes familiar and brand new storylines that will further immerse players in the world that begins to take shape around them.

Interestingly, a new trailer gives players a look at Riven. Of course, the teaser trailer shows off the remastered graphics and gameplay of the upcoming release. Check out the trailer below.

Riven is set to release on platforms later in 2024. Fans can stay up to date on the remaster by following Cyan Worlds on X (formerly known as Twitter)Instagram, and Facebook.