Nintendo’s Online Servers Are Down Everywhere

Too Many People Stuck Inside

Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter Account has announced what many people already knew, namely that Nintendo’s Online Services are down the world over. Players everywhere are being hit with the error code ‘2813-0990’ whenever they try and do anything online. The eShop, online games, and update services are all currently offline.

Nintendo Switch Online Service

While there is no definitive culprit at this time, it’s likely the immediate surge in online traffic is to blame. Players everywhere are suddenly stuck at home thanks to the ceaseless spread of COVID-19. Video games are a great solution to the self isolation blues, but apparently Nintendo’s servers weren’t ready for it?

Nintendo isn’t alone in this plight. Xbox has been experiencing a similar strain on their servers this last week. Sudden, massive boosts in traffic are hard to cope with no matter what your business may be. Nintendo is actively working on a solution to this crisis, though they have no concrete timeline at the moment. Of course, this had  to happen with Animal Crossing coming out in a little less than three days. You can read our review of that one here. Fingers crossed that Nintendo resolves this serious issue before March 20th, 2020.