My Friend Pedro Hits PS4 in April

My Friend Pedro Comes to PS4 Later This Week

Devolver Digital’s zany action-packed shooter My Friend Pedro will launch on PS4 on April 2nd, according to an official Friday announcement. The game released on PC, Switch, and Xbox One last year.

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is about a skilled gunman who goes around killing people because his talking banana friend told him to. That’s it, that’s the story premise. If that has you intrigued then you should read our review of the Switch version to learn more about the game.

The review’s author wrote that My Friend Pedro’s strength is “undoubtedly its gameplay” and praised its mobility and combat mechanics.

“These mechanics all work in relative conjunction with each other, enabling sweet combos and giving the players the freedom to take out enemies as they see fit,” the reviewer wrote. “The game also provides players with a relatively small, but lethal, variety of weapons, with my favorite being the shotgun.”

What do you think of this news? Looking forward to playing this game on PS4 later this week? Which aspect of the game excites you the most? Go ahead and speak your mind in the comments section below the article.