Koei Tecmo Responds To Dead or Alive Hair Fiasco

They’re Super Sorry It Costs So Much Money

Dead or Alive 6 has long been a whale hunter of sorts, sniffing out players both swollen with extra cash and prone to snap judgments. The latest development in this nickel/dime saga has Koei Tecmo charging players every time they want to change a character’s hair color. It’s a bit of a hairy situation. A hair fiasco, if you will.

To be clear, that’s one shiny dollar every time someone’s hair is set to a different color. So if you pay to change it and you hate, then it’s another dollar to switch it back. Players were understandably upset, you see. Koei Tecmo has since come out with an apology and a promise to make this better somehow, as stated below:

Dear fans, we hear and acknowledge your disappointment behind our roll out of the new hair color feature for DoA6. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and are working towards a solution that helps to mitigate this issue and will share our plans in the coming days.

We apologize for our misstep, and are working hard to resolve this situation. We thank you in advance for your patience and hope you continue to enjoy DoA6.

Now, this sounds very sincere until you realize that there are only a couple of things they can change. Either hair costs less to switch, more to switch, or they do nothing at all. They could also just not charge players for each and every dye job, but that idea is listed nowhere in their apology. “A solution that helps mitigate this issue” is slippery speak for “we still want money out of you, but maybe in a more subtle way.” Let’s hope that Koei Tecmo discovers this middle ground that they’re reaching for.