Blizzard Has Appointed a New President and COO

Let’s Turn This Ship Around

Activision Blizzard has announced that it has appointed a new president as well as COO. The video game developer is going to be promoting Daniel Alegre and adding Coddy Johnson to the team. Johnson will be taking the old position of Alegre’s as Blizzard’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) while Alegre has been promoted to president.

Activision Patents blizzcon schedule

Alegre has been in the business for decades and originally started out at Google. From there he worked his way up and is now playing as a massive role in one of the largest developers in the industry. Alegre will start his new job on April 7th. The CEO of the company Bobby Kotick said about Alegre, “I was deeply impressed by Daniel’s entrepreneurial drive and broad and deep experience in driving global growth across a variety of businesses in a rapidly changing industry.”

Blizzard has been struggling for the last few years. A handful of their games did not pan out the way they would have wanted, and they have managed to anger a lot of their customers due to poor management decisions. Not to mention the large and sudden layoffs that occurred in February. Hopefully, this will mark a new and positive direction for the company.

Blizzard will be trying to claw its way back to the same status it once enjoyed in its prime. Long ago are the glory days of World of Warcraft. They will need to make a large splash if they want to hope to stay relevant. The video game market is going to grow in terms of competitiveness and it will be interesting to see how companies who have fallen behind will try and make up lost ground. 2020 is going to have to be a big year.