Cosplayer, Doctor, and Bodybuilder, Yuan Herong Fights the Coronavirus

Putting the “Hero” in Herong

There are some pretty amazing women that are popular choices in the cosplay community, such as Chun Li and Mai Shiranui. However, there is one particular cosplayer that blows them out of the water in her own right.

Yuan Herong is a Chinese cosplayer, doctor, and bodybuilder. She’s ripped, she’s jacked, and she’s fighting for the lives and health of those inflicted with the Coronavirus, not with her huge biceps and quads, but with her medical training and perseverance.

Yuan Herong

Dr. Herong lives in the Shandong Provence in China, which is about 770 km Northeast of Wuhan, where the Coronavirus epidemic is focused. She recently took to Instagram to keep us up to date with her personal involvement with and devotion to her patients.

Her Instagram account is filled with pictures and clips of workouts, cosplays, and medicine in equal parts.


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I’m a doctor. must on the front line. Do my best to help the epidemic

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She also says that they have cured over 170 cases, but still have almost 16,000 suspected cases to go through. Still, her dedication to work is unwavering. Events such as the Taipei Game Show have been cancelled as a precaution against the Coronavirus. Just remember, even in this time of medical distress, it is important to keep your wits about you and watch out for misinformation. And wash your damn hands, you animals. You can follow Yuan Herong on Instagram at yuanherong1229.

You do you think is more amazing, Yuan Herong or the women she cosplays as? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Instagram