Saints Row IV Nintendo Switch Port Officially Announced


It kind of seems like Deep Silver is doing everything it can instead of giving us Saints Row 5. To be fair, they are running out of ways to say sequel titles; they have done numbers, Roman numerals, and spelled it out. The only thing they have left is Sign Language. But back to what they are doing. The most recent numbered Saints Row title is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch. It was announced on February 4th that a Saints Row IV Nintendo Switch port would be coming on March 27th, 2020.

Saints Row IV Nintendo Switch Port

If you don’t know anything about Saints Row IV, which is almost seven years old at this point, it is a continuation of Saints Row The Third, where the Boss begins the game as a counter-terrorist, quickly gets elected President of the United States, and then is captured by a hostile alien force, right before they destroy planet Earth. Most of the game takes place inside a digital recreation of Steelport, where the player is granted superpowers and experimental technology. While, in my personal opinion, I do not think Saints Row IV surpasses Saints Row The Third’s quality, it still presents a great many hours of entertainment, especially the Re-Elected version with all the DLC, which is what the Nintendo Switch is getting.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected comes with the main story DLCs Enter the Dominatrix and How the Saints Saved Christmas, as well as different weapon packs like the Commander in Chief pack, the Presidential pack, and the Dubstep Gun (Remix) pack. Saints Row The Third is already on the Switch, and Saints Row IV will be out on the Switch on March 27th.

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Source: Deep Silver