Red Dusk Ridge Enters Open Beta

Indie Survival Horror Game Red Dusk Ridge is Free to Play Before Its Official Launch

Independent game developer, Happy Killbot, has announced that its new game Red Dusk Ridge is now in open beta. Players are able to download and test the game between now and March 3.

Red Dusk Ridge

Red Dusk Ridge is a survival horror game in which players must explore a hostile environment while trying to solve the mystery of Red Dusk Ridge and how they came to be there.

The game is available in open beta as of today. The open beta will continue until March 3. The full game officially releases on March 5. A trailer launched along with the announcement of the open beta.

The gameplay is from a first-person perspective. The player is able to inspect and manipulate objects, and even carry some items, including weapons. The trailer shows that players can expect to die frequently throughout the game from threats both seen and unseen. The developer has only revealed cryptic details about the game and its story.

“Those who fail to learn the secret will suffer, and those who do learn the secret but fail to act will suffer the most,” said the developer who wishes to remain anonymous.

“The only way to guarantee the future doesn’t control you, is by controlling the future today.”

Survival horror is a popular genre/theme for independent games. Games from Lone Survivor to Inside and Limbo, and others, all carry some elements of survival, horror, and survival horror.

Source: Press Release