Summerford Is an Indie Silent Hill-Style Survival Horror Game

Summerford Has an Eerie, Old School Atmosphere

If you’re a gamer who’s pining for the days of classic survival horror games such as the early Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles then upcoming indie horror game Summerford might scratch that itch.


Developed and published by indie studio Noisy Valley Studios, this upcoming horror game is set in an abandoned English village called Summerford that was once the site of a nuclear reactor that failed and caused a radioactive fallout in 1986. For 37 years, no one was able to explore the village until the protagonist waltzes in there for a definitely logical, well thought out reason.

As for gameplay, Summerford is a third-person survival horror game with puzzles, action, and exploration. It takes its inspiration from “survival horror classics like the original Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark,” according to the game’s Steam webpage.

No release date has been revealed yet but the game is scheduled to come out on Steam in Q4 2020.