New Death Stranding Update Gets Rid of Annoying Cutscene

Death Stranding’s Latest Update Adds an Oft-Requested Quality of Life Feature

Death Stranding’s 1.10 update launched on Friday with the usual performance improvements along with one oft-requested feature: The option to skip the gameplay intro cutscene of the game’s deadly monsters, the BTs.

death stranding

“There is an update for #DeathStranding launched today!” Kojima Productions tweeted Friday. “The update now enables you to change the settings to not have the effect when you encounter the BTs every time. Make sure to change your settings from the title screen to do so.”

Before this update released, every time players encountered BTs during gameplay, a short cutscene would play that would zoom in on the activation of the scanner of the game’s protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges. The scene only lasted a few seconds but players run into BTs a lot during Death Stranding’s 40-plus hour campaign so after a while the cutscene would become pretty tedious.

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