EA Confirms New Battlefield for Next-Gen

The New DICE LA Director’s Involvement Remains Unclear

EA held a quarterly earnings call yesterday but unfortunately didn’t release too much concrete information on the new Battlefield title. Although it doesn’t come as much of a surprise, getting confirmation on Battlefield’s next-gen status is nice to hear, we just would have liked a few more details.

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One of the biggest questions was DICE LA’s newly appointed director, Vince Zampella’s involvement. In response to the question, Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA said this:

Good question on Vince and Battlefield V. You might recall that we announced that Vince was leading a creative council for the organization. What this creative council does it kind of operates like a brain trust like was happening at Pixar and really brings creative leaders across the company together to review and comment, be constructive, and help and provide insight across the broad set of creative initiatives that we have going on.

And Vince is very proactive in that and very involved in that and that’s having a tremendous impact across the company and helping us drive this kind of aligned focused push against both quality and execution.

With him taking on DICE LA, traditionally DICE LA have been supporting DICE Stockholm, but they have a great creative team there and great creative leadership and have also been incubating some other things and we’re very excited about those things and Vince will be deeply involved in those as he takes on leadership of that.

And then with the leadership change that we made in Stockholm, we’ve got really strong traction against the next Battlefield game. I’m really — I talked about this last call. I’m really excited about what that team is doing. And David Rota who is leading the studios in Europe now is also having a really strong impact and the team is going to do some pretty amazing things.

It’s hard to decipher much from that message – if anything at all. Is Zampella just organizing constructive meetings with the creative leads, or is he also involved in getting his creative decisions into the new Battlefield, and if so, how much?