Modern Warfare Season 2 Brings Back Ghost, Fans Divided on Look

His Name Is Ghost but He Has a Skeleton Face

If you are someone who looks for all the leaks and news for Call of Duty games, you probably know that Modern Warfare Season 2 content was leaked by none other than Activision themselves. Not all content was shown, but vague shots of menus and item options were shown. It is odd that it was taken down, since the season begins three days later, and could not just be a preview of what is to come. Guns and items are nice and all, but the biggest news was a fan favourite character making his return.

Modern Warfare Season 2 Details Leaked

From Modern Warfare 2, Simon “Ghost” Riley will be joining Modern Warfare as a bonus operator. He looks a little bit different, and some fans are upset about that, because of course they are. In his original appearances, Ghost wears a balaclava with a ghostly design on it; looks more like a skull, but whatever. He also wears shades, so virtually none of his facial features are visible. In his new look, he appears to have a full-on skull mask, with indentations and textures of a human skull.

In a now deleted thread on Reddit, fans aired their grievances on Ghost’s new look. They compared the new mask to plastic Halloween decorations, saying that the design from Modern Warfare 2 was more in line with an actual tactical balaclava. The thread has been deleted from the Modern Warfare subreddit, probably by moderators trying to keep a lid on the content. Modern Warfare Season 2 will be live on February 11th. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Dexerto