Modern Warfare Season 2 Details Leaked By Activision

Brief Looks From The Official Site

Leaks for upcoming content can come from a ton of different places. Sometimes, one of those places is the game’s official website! For a brief, shining moment, the Modern Warfare site had some details leaked regarding the second season’s worth of content. Charlie Intel managed to save some of those details.

Season 2 Details Leaked

First off, there’s Ghost, the new Operator. Next we’ve got a couple of weapons. Quick screenshot work saved the Grau 5.56 and the Striker 45. We also saw a couple of options for the Battle Pass, namely that you can opt for the Battle Pass Bundle for extra bonuses. There was also some video footage, which was a little harder to save.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll be getting weapon blueprints, new Operator skins, and 80 additional Battle Pass items! All of this information has since been scrubbed from the official website, but CI has saved screenshots, one of which is included above. Presumably someone at Activision just jumped the gun a tiny bit, and we’ll be getting all this info in an official capacity pretty soon. In fact, since Season Two is starting on February 11th, we won’t have to wait very long at all. Modern Warfare is available right now on PS4, PC, and the Xbox One.