Gothic Remake Moves Into Development Following Player Feedback

Survey Graphs!

A couple of months ago, THQ Nordic released basically a proof-of-concept demo for a remake of the classic 2001 Gothic game. The demo was a remade version of the first area of the original game, released to see if there would be enough support for a full Gothic remake. Well, yesterday, survey data was released containing information gathered from fans who played the teaser, broken down into graphs. While there is a lot of interesting statistics, the short version of the story is that they are going ahead with a full remake of Gothic.

Gothic Remake

The studio based in Vienna, Austria released a PDF file with their survey’s findings. It looks like a powerpoint presentation, but it gets the point across. While the playable teaser was downloaded and played by over 180,000 steam users, the survey was taken by over 43,000 people. It asked questions about the participants’ gaming history, such as their favourite series, genres, control inputs, etc. There were also questions asking the players to gauge the quality of the playable teaser itself, as well as what their expectations are for the project going forward.

You can view the specifics and the results of the survey for yourself. THQ Nordic says that there is no specific release window at this time, but it will definitely not be coming out in 2020. However, they do say it will be coming out on PC and next gen consoles.

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Source: THQ Nordic