EA Doesn’t Want to Play Second Fiddle to Nintendo

Why EA Doesn’t Put Big Titles on The Switch

EA may be one of the few companies that has no interest in putting out games for the Nintendo Switch. Despite the system’s immense popularity, EA doesn’t think there’s enough money to go around.

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EA’s COO Blake Jorgensen spoke about the issue with publishing for the Switch in a conference call for the company’s Q3 2020 quarterly report.

“We are always looking and discussing with Nintendo what else we can put on the platform, and as the platform grows, our interest in adding content grows for that platform,” Jorgensen said. “But we’re also conscious of the fact that the top selling titles, by a long shot, are all Nintendo software.”

The company’s reluctance to be outpaced by Nintendo has made the selection of their games on Switch pretty slim. Switch players can enjoy Unravel 2 and a couple of FIFA titles, but not much else. Jorgensen also said that most Switch users also own an Xbox or Playstation and that these users tend to prefer the other consoles for playing EA games.

The company has not put the system out of their mind entirely though. Jorgensen said that they are “very pleased” with the success of the Switch. He also mentioned that the company is looking into how to tackle the Switch market in the future.

For now, if you want more from EA than just soccer balls and yarn, you’ll have to get your kicks on another console.

Source: USG