Fire Emblem Players are Furious About Feh Pass

Feh Pass Brings VIP Subscription Service to the F2P Mobile Game

Fire Emblem Heroes players have been fuming over Nintendo’s recent announcement of the Feh pass. The pass offers exclusive features and characters to users who pay the monthly subscription fee similar to Mario Kart World Tour.

Feh Pass

The subscription costs $9,49 USD a month. In comparison, Mario Kart World Tour’s Gold Pass only costs $4.99 a month.

The Feh Pass offers several benefits, the biggest draw being “Resplendent Heroes.” These characters are slightly buffed versions of characters already in the game. The characters are given a stat boost and a new look. The pass also offers exclusive missions and expands the summoner support system to include 3 characters. Another feature of the pass is a rewind system, similar to Fire Emblem Three Houses, that allows players to go back a turn and change their actions.

Players in the Fire Emblem heroes subreddit have been quite vocal about their disappointment with the subscription service announcement. In particular, fans are upset that quality of life updates are being held behind a paywall. The competitive advantage being given to subscribers through boosted stats is another sore point for players.

Fire Emblem Heroes was Nintendo’s most successful mobile game in 2019. The game earned $156 million USD over the year. Those numbers are still a decrease from 2018 where the game earned $205 million USD. In 2017, the year Fire Emblem Heroes launched, the game earned $295 million USD. This is an expected trend for a mobile game, but Nintendo may be trying to counter that trend by introducing a new source of revenue from the game.

The Feh Pass is set to become available on February 5 along with the v 4.2 update. The first two Resplendent Heroes to release on the service are Lyn from Fire Emblem 7, and Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening.

Source: Engadget