Team17 Is Teasing Something for Overcooked 2 Coming in Spring

This Image Is Undercooked

We thought we were done with Overcooked 2, but it appears we are coming back for seconds, and I’m coming back for seconds on that joke. Back in September, developer Team17 released a carnival-themed piece of DLC, which was the last DLC for the season pass. Now it appears that they are planning something new for the game. Last week, they tweeted out a blacked out image with a splatter showing part of the picture. Yesterday, a new updated version of the image with a brand new splatter, revealing a brand new part of the picture! Ooh!

Overcooked 2

So far, with two splatters, we can see a partially revealed Overcooked logo and also the Onion King. The caption for image says “Get ready to Spring back into the kitchen! #Overcooked2” with an emphasis on Spring, which is a remarkably sneaky way of saying that we’ll get something new in the Spring. It also kind of tells us that as the image inevitably gets clearer, Team17 may be dropping more hints about it. Hopefully, we will get a peak at something other than the game’s logo and most recurring character that is unique to this content; something to get us more excited about.

Since the Carnival of Chaos was the final item in the season pass, whatever is coming would most likely be either a free content or a second season pass. Overcooked 2 is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Twitter