Get Empyrean in Warframe’s New Switch Update

Switch Getting Warframe’s Empyrean Update

The primarily co-operative Warframe experience, Empyrean, has released on the Nintendo Switch. The new update brings deep space combat to the game where players will team up to defeat enemies and blow up asteroids. Gamers can even board enemy ships in what’s basically space piracy. The Empyrean update has been available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC since last year but Nintendo Switch owners can now delver deeper into Warframe’s cosmos now.

Warframe's The War Within

Teams of four gamers will pilot their ships through space skirmishes in Warframe’s Empyrean update on the Nintendo Switch. Empyrean was formerly known as Project Railjack and it was first unveiled at Tennocon 2019 in London. Gamers will first need to collect Railjacks by embarking on quests and gathering resources before they can brave the deep space combat of Empyrean. In an effort to compensate Switch gamers for the extended, Digital Extremes is giving Warframe gamers a 7-Day Credit booster so they can get themselves prepared more easily.

Digital Extremes has explained that while gamers can battle the Grineer above Earth, the edges of the Origin System and Saturn currently, it will introduce more locations and factions. The rising tide update prepared gamers for Empyrean, giving access to things that gamers would need for the recently released update. The missions in Empyrean will send gamers to blow up asteroids while defeating foes or boarding their ships and taking the fight to their turf. Considering the fact that there are various roles to choose from such as engineer and tactics, we think an even mix of skills will help Warframe gamers get the edge on their opponents.

Will you be giving Warframe’s Empyrean update a try on the Nintendo Switch? Have you checked it out on one of the other available platforms? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Eurogamer