Sly Cooper 5 Supposedly Leaked by Online Retailer

Very Sneaky

It’s been seven years since a new Sly Cooper game has been released. Sony has nearly gone a whole console generation with a new installment, but they might squeak one in right before PS5 launches. That’s a really big “might” though. There have been reports of Sly Cooper 5 being seen on online retailer Instant Gaming. The page shows a box cover, but in a different style that how Sly appears in the previous games. There is more detail in the fur that the classic cel shading does not provide. He looks closer to how he was meant to appear in the Sly Cooper movie that was slated for a 2016 release. Well, it’s 2020 now, so we all know how that movie turned out.

Sly Cooper 5

The information on Instant Gaming is scarce for Sly Cooper 5; there is a vague 2020 release date and nothing in the way of description or price. All it really has is the cover art (which may not even be real) and a PS4 game card. The most recent developer of the Sly Cooper games Sanzaru Games doesn’t seem to have anything going on right now in terms of developing a new game, so it could be working on Sly 5, if anyone is.

One appearance on an online retailer is hardly confirmation of anything, so until Sony Interactive Entertainment or anyone says anything, just chalk this up to trolling or rumors. After all, Instant Gaming isn’t a really big retailer and could just be pulling a publicity stunt for attention. Still, a new Sly game would be pretty cool.

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Source: Instant Gaming