Firewalk Studios Officially Joins The PlayStation Studios Team

Firewalk Studios Officially Joins The PlayStation Studios Team

Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation Studios are no stranger to major acquisitions. The companies are responsible for some of the biggest exclusive titles in the world such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man. The company has announced its acquisition of Firewalk Studios, a team of remarkable creatives who will be working on a AAA multiplayer game for PlayStation. The studios share a passion for video games and creating experiences with exceptional gameplay.

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Tony Hsu and Ryan Ellis, Studio Head and Game Director of Firewalk Studios, stated, “Today we’re taking the next natural step and joining PlayStation Studios. We’ve worked closely with Hermen and the very talented team at PlayStation for years, helping to make our new game even better. To join PlayStation Studios is to formally become part of a family that has produced many of the most storied games of our age, and we are honored.”

Furthermore, the team at the company thanked supporters throughout the journey and was excited to have the opportunity to build a new IP from the ground up. Also, the companies are yet to share much details on the AAA game.

Moreover, the company’s story is as follows, “Formed in 2018 as part of ProbablyMonsters, Firewalk Studios is led by seasoned developers who know and love multiplayer games. Our experienced leadership team has helped launch some of the biggest entertainment properties across games and film that have garnered millions of dedicated fans and made an impact on their lives.”

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