The Order 1886 Could Be Getting a Sequel on the Next Generation of Consoles

Is the Order Going To Make a Comeback? 

The Order 1886 first launched five years ago in 2015. From what the trailers showed off The Order 1886 was going to be one of the most stunning games ever made. While it did live up to the graphical prowess that was shown off in the trailers, it suffered heavily from a lack of content and actual gameplay. It has been described by many as nothing more than a playable movie. Despite its disappointing launch, there are now rumors swirling around the internet that are claiming that there will be a sequel to The Order 1886 for the next generation of consoles.

Ready at Dawn

The rumors come from a forum member going by the name NeoGAF. This individual has somewhat of a credible reputation. This user was correct about things in the past, so it would not be too much of a shock if they were right this time around. But it is important to note that this is still nothing more than an internet rumor. It could always turn out to be wrong. The original developers of The Order 1886 are working on a new project, but we don’t really know what. NeoGAF is convinced that it is going to be a sequel to its 2015 title.

The Oder 1886 takes the player to an alternative universe in 19th-century Victorian London. In this universe, the world is plagued by werewolves and other creatures. It is the Order’s job to stop them. The premise and backdrop of the game were interesting enough. Perhaps the devs are feeling ready to really deliver on the failed promises of their first game.

The supernatural and hunting monsters in huge within the video game industry. There is definitely a market for it. How would you feel about another game?