NBA 2K20 Remembers Kobe Bryant in Touching Tribute

Classy Move From 2K

Yesterday morning basketball superstar Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash en route to his daughter’s basketball game. Onboard this helicopter were eight other people including his daughter. Unfortunately, there were no survivors. This news sent shock waves around the world and has shaken the basketball community and the NBA. In order to pay tribute to the late legend, NBA 2K20 has decided to honor Kobe Bryant in their own way.

Kobe Bryant

The brief tribute can be found at the main menu. It is a simple but very somber way to pay their respects to Byant. It is unclear what else 2K plans on adding to the game in order to remember Kobe Bryant, but there is a very good chance more is on its way.

Aside from 2K itself, the game’s community has also banded together to pay their respects. Yesterday a video went viral of dozens of players all dawning some sort of Lakers attire and gathering together in the Neighborhood, an area that acts as a hub for almost every multiplayer mode.

2K20 has taken a lot of heat from fans and critics for abusing microtransactions as well as pay to win schemes. But it is nice to see them do something right for once especially in such a devastating time to basketball fans.

Bryant himself has had a huge impact on the 2K franchise and series. He has been the cover athlete for multiple basketball video games. Byant was most recently the cover athlete for the NBA 2K17 legendary edition of the game. This was to commemorate his astounding final game before his retirement where he dropped 60 points. It is very unlikely that this is the last we will see of Kobe Bryant in a 2K game.