Modern Warfare Update 1.13 has Many Unlisted and Wrong Changes

More Problems with Infinity Ward’s Massive Update

After CoD Modern Warfare update 1.13 hit early this week, players have been having problems left, right and centre. Some people’s hardware are lagging, and some people’s save files have been getting corrupted, forcing the players to start from scratch. Many are saying this patch has brought more problems than fixing the issues with the game.

Modern Warfare Screen

On top of all this, there have been many undocumented changes that can severely affect gameplay that many people are not aware of. Thankfully, the internet has been doing what it does best and been compiling the changes on forums like Reddit. We’ve gone out and listed the changes for you down below:

Modern Warfare Update 1.13 Unlisted Changes

-Crash map A flag air conditioning unit made taller to make players crouching on it more exposed.

-Only kills will charge your Field Upgrades, playing the objectives does not. For example, things like getting tags in Kill Confirmed, and capping flags won’t help charge your Field Upgrades.

-FN-Scar 17 change is erroneously listed as horizontal recoil reduction. It is actually a vertical reduction.

-The listed change “Fix for Stopping Power Rounds not applying the correct damage boost to headshots” doesn’t seem to have worked and made certain guns worse. FAL and Oden post-patch are two-shot kills when it used to be a one-shot on upper torso hit (except headshots) pre-patch.

-The objective bar has been moved higher and fades out. This makes aiming easier around objectives.

-RAM-7 extended mag attachment has been listed 50 bullets when it still gives 45.


All these errors and incomplete patch notes seem to point to the lack of quality control at Infinity Ward. With a huge crowd to please and limited time, they seem to be scrambling to put these patches together before they are ready. Are there any unlisted changes that you discovered? Let us know!