GDC 2020 Survey Shows PlayStation 5 Hype is Real

Switch Just Barely Loses Out To PS5 in GDC 2020 Survey

The results are in and the GDC 2020 survey shows that developers are very interested in what the PlayStation 5 has to offer. Playstation 5 got 38% of the vote in the question “which platform(s)” most interest you as a developer”. Trailing just behind was the Nintendo Switch with 37%, and Xbox Project Scarlett at 25%. PC still reigns supreme though, as it came away with 50%.

PlayStation 5 Backwards CompatibilityGDC hosts a survey every year to get an idea of the state of the gaming industry. The questions asked are angled to get an idea of what developers are currently working on, as well as what they think of current industry trends.

Currently, only 5% of developers are exclusively focused on making games for next-gen platforms. 22% are working exclusively on current-men, with 34% working on both current and next-gen titles.

The survey revealed that over 40% of developers believed the Epic Games Store would succeed. It also showed that a majority of developers believe that Steam should only be entitled to 20% or less of the revenue generated off games sold through their platform. Currently, Steam takes a 30% cut of every sale made. 6% of developers are okay with this arrangement.

The GDC 2020 survey showed that developers are split on whether or not the Google Stadia will be a success. If you’ve been on the fence about the system, the survey indicates it might be best to hold out on making a purchase.

While the Stadia may not be holding developers attention, VR certainly is. 39% of game developers said they’re particularly interested in the Oculus Quest. Developers are split on whether full virtual reality or augmented reality will dominate the mixed reality front.

GDC is a yearly conference ┬áthat showcases the latest developments in the gaming industry. This year’s event will take place in San Francisco from March 16-20.

Source: WCCF Tech