Bridge Constructor Switch is Almost Here

Finally, Bridge Constructor Switch is a Thing

The physics based puzzle game that has delighted gamers and inspired charming crossovers, has now reached its ultimate form: Bridge Constructor Switch.

Bridge Constructor Switch

Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition is set to hit theNintendo eShop this Friday, January 31. The Ultimate edition includes all 40 levels from the original game as well as two add-ons. The first is called “SlopeMania” and it includes 24 additional levels focused on slopes and jumps. The second add-on is simply called “Trains” and it features 18 levels focused on, as you’ve probably already guessed, trains. Heavy trains.

Bridge Constructor was first released in December 2011, and was praised for its smart execution of a simple premise. The game was developed by clockStone and published by Headup Games. There have been five iteration in the series including Bridge Constructor, Bridge Constructor Playground, Bridge Constructor Medieval, Bridge Constructor Stunts, and Bridge Constructor Portal.

The game features touch screen controls, which makes it an excellent candidate for the rumoured joy-con stylus attachment. Additionally, the game includes a free build mode where players can build without the limitations that are imposed in actual levels.

Players who purchase the game before it drops on Friday will receive 20% off their purchase. With the discount, the game retails for $15.81 CAD.

Source: Press Release