Azur Lane: Crosswave Is Basically Battleship + Anime

Don’t Cross the Waves!

There’s an anime for everything; basketball, tennis, jet skis, and now Battleship. But it’s not enough for it to have naval combat on ships, no. The battleships must also be waifus. That’s the Land of the Rising Sun that we know and love. Azur Lane was a mobile 2D side-scrolling shooter, where Japanese girls personified naval battleships and also have animal ears. Azur Lane: Crosswave is the 3D shooter version that will be coming to PS4 and Steam this year.

Azur Lane: Crosswave

The Azur Lane series takes place in an alternate World War II. There are four main global powers; the “Eagle Union (United States) embraces freedom and coexistence as a democratic nation,” “Royal Navy (United Kingdom) boasts their royal heritage and the mark they made on history as a monarchy,” “Iron Blood (Nazi Germany) conducts textensive research to gain advanced technology as a military empire,” and “Sakura Empire (Japan) towards the East, an extraordinary nation built upon ancient tradition”. Apparently, war has broken out between these armies, which were once allies, because of aliens.

Over the past few weeks, the Azur Lane: Crosswave website has been updating with pages for new characters, and earlier today saw the addition of a Gallery page and a System page, which shows off the game mechanics and features. Pre-orders are active for a Standard or Limited Edition. The Limited Edition comes with a steelbook case, a “Nautical Debriefing” hardcover art book, the official soundtrack, a Shimakaze figure, 2″ enamel pin set of Javelin, Suruga, and Ayanami, a Sakura Empire standee, and a reversible cover sleeve, all contained in a collector’s box. Azur Lane: Crosswave will be out on PS4 and PC in February.

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Source: Limited Run Games