Ape Escape Twitter Account May Be Hinting at a 2020 Return

Es Capay! That’s Funny it’s Spelled Just Like Escape

The first Ape Escape game came out in 1999, before I fully understood the concept of calendar years. Not because I was too young, because I’m an idiot. From that point to the mid-2000s, the Ape Escape series had made a name for itself on various PlayStation platforms and gained a following through its main series games. Then it kind of just went away. The most recent game was 2010’s PlayStation Move Ape Escape, which was more of a PS Move gimmick than anything else. On New Year’s Eve, the Ape Escape Twitter account made an intriguing post that caught the attention of fans.

Ape Escape Twitter

Maybe it’s the New Year, maybe it’s new news. An image was posted of some apes playing around on our new calendar digits. It just says “Happy New Year 2020”, but the accompanying post translates to “happy New Year. This year also, exciting, wonderful! To send lots of important information!” It was also followed by a couple hashtags that translate to “Ape Escape 20th Anniversary. “Important information”, you say? Well, that’s a good an indication as any that fans have something to look forward to.

We don’t have any official word on what this “important information” would be, but fans of the original game are hoping for a sequel. Perhaps a 20th anniversary remake or remaster could be in the works. Who knows? Keep your eyes on the apes this year.

What Ape Escape news do you think will be headed our way this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter