Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mod Lets You Create Lightsaber Colors

You Can Finally Get a Red Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

The lightsaber hilt in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is extensively customizable but, when it comes to lightsaber colors, there are only seven to choose from (eight if you include a pre-order bonus) and none of them are red (likely due to the protagonist, Cal Kestis, being a Jedi and all that).

Luckily, a recent PC mod, the Lightsaber Color Editor, allows users to create their own lightsaber colors.

Jedi Fallen Order

The mod’s creator, Callyste, listed installation and uninstallation instructions that can be read below:


  • Make sure the game isn’t running
  • Run SWJFO Lightsaber Color Editor.exe
  • Modify any color with the color picker
  • Select a new soundset for the crystal
  • Export to /Jedi Fallen Order/SwGame/Content/Paks/


  • Remove Pakchunk99_CustomSabercolors.pak from /Jedi Fallen Order/SwGame/Content/Paks/

Callyste also recommends uninstalling their Green to Red and Better Green saber mods before using this one since both “mod the same in-game file”.

If you haven’t bought the latest Star Wars game but are thinking of diving in then read our helpful review beforehand. “I love Star Wars, I love video games, and Fallen Order is a glorious amalgamation of the two,” the review’s author wrote.