Star Citizen Has Just Released a “Transformative” Patch

A Release Date Would Also Be Nice

Star Citizen has just received a massive new patch from its development team. Called New Frontiers, this new update is said to totally transform the game. It has supposedly made the game much easier to run on lower-end PC’s. Something that it has greatly struggled with since its inception. This new patch is hoping to make the game run smoother as well as make it a little more accessible to a wider audience who don’t have thousands of dollars to buy a state of the art PC.

Star Citizen Passes 150 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Milestone

Star Citizen has been in development for almost a decade. It was originally announced in 2011 and has relied on the wallets of hopeful fans and other backers to make the ambitious game a reality. The project has seen a ton of progress of the years, but it still does not have a release date. Something that many fans have grown frustrated over.

In theory Star Citizen definitely has the potential to be one of the biggest games ever made. But it has still yet to really materialize. It still doesn’t look like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the millions of dollars, the developers have received strictly from crowdfunding, they don’t really have anything to show for it. This game could very well become another Half-Life 3 or just crash and burn when it does finally release.

You can currently play the game in its alpha state if you want to get a taste of what might come. But playing alphas can be a painful, tedious and sometimes unpleasant experience. But some people do enjoy being the Guinea pig. If you want a fuller experience, however, you’ll have to wait until it at least goes into beta. Which could be a while.