Cloud Imperium Games Give Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Fans an Awesome Christmas Trailer

Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Gets a Brand New Visual Trailer for Christmas

Earlier this month Star Citizen reached a new crowdfunding milestone of $230 million, and to celebrate the holiday season and give the fans a little something in return for all their support Cloud Imperium Games has released a stunning new trailer. This trailer highlights the ambitious Squadron 42 campaign.

Star Citizen Passes 150 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Milestone

Yes, it seems Cloud Imperium Games has given their fans the perfect Christmas gift this year. Despite being delayed multiple times it’s now set, rather tentatively, for a beta release in Q3 2020. And in case anyone had any doubts that this might be a reasonable beta release date, Cloud Imperium has dropped an epic visual trailer for the single-player campaign of Star Citizen. We already know that the Squadron 42 campaign is going to be star-studded, complete with appearances from a bunch of actors, including Gary Oldman as Admiral Ernst Bishop, Mark Hamill as Lieutenant Commander Steve Colton, Mark Strong as Captain Thomas Wade, and Liam Cunningham as Captain Noah White. Now however, we know that it’s going to look absolutely incredible as well. You can check out the new visual trailer below.

And if you’re not quite sure what to expect from the Squadron 42 story, you can check out the description from the game’s official website here. “Embark on a cinematic single-player adventure as a rookie Navy combat pilot in the Star Citizen universe. Get to know your crewmates aboard a living capital ship while deciding on how to overcome challenging missions and deadly enemies. In 2945, the brave men and women of the United Empire of Earth’s Navy fight tirelessly to protect Humanity. While dangerous aliens like the Vanduul are a constant threat along the Empire’s borders, outlaws and bandits often prove just as dangerous closer to home. These massive capital spaceships keep a vigilant watch over Humanity’s star systems, ready to launch squadrons of deadly fighters should a threat arise. You are one of these brave men and women. You’ll serve alongside a vibrant crew, each with personalities and storylines of their own, while a dynamic conversation and reputation system allows you to define your character through your actions and interactions to craft an experience all your own.”

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