Sports Story Going Beyond Golf Next Year

Even More Sweet Sport-ness Inbound

Do you love sports games? Do you love them even more when they’re charming, gorgeous, and full of wonder? Well, you’re in luck! Sidebar Games, the makers of Golf Story, are developing an equally-adorable sequel known as Sports Story! That’s right, it’s not just golf any more!

Sports Story

No, now there’s all kinds of sports being played, from Soccer to Tennis to Baseball. The same core mechanics are in place, now they’re being applied to balls of all sizes. Also cinder blocks? Maybe it’s some sort of extreme strength training while one prepares for the big leagues. Can’t have too much practice, after all. There’s even a little beach volleyball in the trailer!

Embedded below, you can check it out for yourself if you want a better look at what’s in store next year. Apparently there’s also going to be dungeons involved, although presumably they’ll have an athletic bent to them. Maybe you’ll be tasked with retrieving an ancient baseball ensconced in rubies and gilt. Or maybe challenge some hideous monster to a cricket match? Regardless of what’s in store, Sports Story is sure to be a delight when it comes to the Nintendo Switch next year.