Massive Online Tournaments Coming To Apex Legends

Complete With Millions In Prizes

You wanna kick colossal butt in Apex Legends, but for money? Respawn and Electronic Arts have cooked up the Apex Legends Global Series, a set of massive online tournaments with a pretty hefty prize pool. The first in the tournament series is kicking off this January for PC players, with the total series winnings coming in at three million.

apex legends massive online tournaments

Players looking to break into the big leagues will start with either the online tournaments or the challenger events. If you do well enough at this level, there’s a chance you go to either the major league or the premier events. You can read up on the finer details here. That fabulous prize pool is set aside for the whole year, so players looking for fame and fortune will have to like, win the day. But long odds at fabulous fortune, fame, and prestige are all part of the fun, right?

There will be four Majors events throughout 2020. The first three will have 300 players vying for half a million in prizes. The final Major event will be the Apex Legends Global Series Championship. Here, the top 60 teams will fight for $1 million. The whole tournament is being run by Battlefy, who will be hosting the first rounds of online qualifiers on January 25th, 2020. You can register for the tournament here.