Fan Beats Halo 3 on Legendary With Guitar Hero Controller

Anything is Possible With a Guitar

It has become somewhat of a common trend on the internet to see people play old games with unconventional devices. Some people have played GoldenEye on a piano, others have hooked up a power glove to play Call of Duty. Whatever, you can think of, someone has probably done it. Recently a brave man has done what many would consider impossible. He has beaten Halo 3 on legendary difficulty while only using a Guitar Hero controller.

Top 10 Last Generation Halo 3

Those who have played Halo 3 will understand how hard this is. So adding a Guitar Hero controller only makes it more impressive. The absolute legend who was behind this achievement was a streamer by the name of Super Louis 64. While this might seem like something that is unthinkable to most people, Super Louis does this sort of thing all the time. He has even gone as far as beating Dark Souls 3 with two dance pads.

After a month of grinding, I beat Halo 3 on legendary with just a Guitar Hero Controller from gaming

The Halo run did take a very long time though. It took Louis around a month to complete and he ended up dying around 250 times. Which really isn’t all that bad when you consider everything.

Streamers and other online entertainers are always thinking of new ways to try and beat games for the amusement of others. People are only going to get more creative too. We should all be bracing ourselves for the next wacky idea that Super Louis 64 and company have in store for us.

Halo 3 is more than 12 years old but that has not stopped tons of people from finding excuses to play the classic game. If you are itching to play some of the older Halo titles then make sure you pick up the Master Chief Collection. It is currently available on the Xbox One and will be releasing for the PC in a few days.