The Witcher Netflix Series Plans to Have at Least Seven Seasons

The Witcher Hopes to be Around For a While

The new Netflix Witcher series is going to be available for viewing on December 20th of this year. Plenty of fans are chomping at the bit to see Geralt get his own show, but it has yet to be confirmed how long this show is going to be around for. While this question is going to vary on how well this show does, the producers hope to have a show that is going to be around for at least seven seasons.

The Witcher Netflix Posters Revealed

Lauren Hissrich, one of the showrunners has stated that she and everyone else have mapped out around seven seasons worth of content for the future. However, if this content is ever used all depends on if the show does well or not. It could always end up flopping.

Let’s be honest. Video games have done horribly when then they are turned into movies or TV shows. So history is not on the side of the Witcher. But hopefully, this could all change. Netflix is leading the way in new and original content. So having the first video game adaptation succeed as a series could happen. The Witcher does have the most potential.

What makes the Witcher a more likely candidate to succeed is thanks to how dark and mature it is. If we have learned anything from Game of Throne its that people love violence and gratuitous nudity. Two things that a Witcher TV show could supply.

The characters are deep and complex and so is the world that they live in. If this is done correctly, the Witcher could be a huge cultural powerhouse heading into the new decade. The cast does have some high profile actors and a reasonable budget. If the show fails, they’ll only have themselves to blame.