Shenmue 3 Isn’t the End of the Series

After Waiting Nearly 20 Years, Shenmue 3 Still Isn’t the End

According to Shenmue series creator Yu Suzuki, the series isn’t finished with the recently released Shenmue 3 and he vows to finish the storyline. Suzuki was able to get Shenmue 3 made with the help of the fan base with a kickstarter that helped kick the development off and an Epic Games Store deal that made sure it wouldn’t be a financial flop. Apparently Suzuki intends on utilizing the dedicated fan base once again to create an upcoming Shenmue 4. Gamers can get Shenmue 3 exclusively through the Epic Games Store on PC and exclusively on PS4 for consoles.

shenmue i and ii feature

The credits at the end of Shenmue 3 include a heartfelt message from Yu Suzuki. “To all the fans who have waited many years for Shenmue III, and to all of the crowdfunding backers who have made this game possible: This project would not exist without your love, support, and the connections we’ve made along the way. With profound appreciation for all that you have done, I am happy to finally present to you Shenmue III,” said the beginning of the post.

During development I expanded the scope beyond what I had originally envisioned. I’m happy we were able to include the distinct Shenmue charm throughout the game. I hope that this new chapter strikes even a small resonance in your heart,” continued Yu Suzuki’s post. “For as long as there are those who wish to see Shenmue live on, I will never give up on my own personal journey to complete its story. As with Shenmue 3, the story is with you. I sincerely hope that, together, we can continue to spin the tale of Ryo and his adventures in Shenmue 4. This goes out to all who have ever loved and supported Shenmue.”

Are you a Shenmue fan who was surprised by the end of the latest title proving there will be another game or are you just excited to see a sequel to Shenmue 3? What do you expect to see from Shenmue 4? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech