Rainbow Six Siege Event Ties in with Netflix’s Money Heist

Let’s Heist!

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege usually puts players in situations where lives are at stake. Sometimes they have to rescue a hostage, or defeat terrorists, or disarm a bomb. In the latest Rainbow Six Siege event, it’s all about the money, no matter what Jessie J says. To be clear, there is no actual heist in this event that crossover with the Netflix series Money Heist. There are character skins and bundles with items from the series. If they purchase the bundles, players can put on red jumpsuits and masks from Money Heist when they play as Hibana or Vigil. When playing a game of Hostage on the Bank map, the hostage also wears a Money Heist outfit.

Rainbow Six Siege Event

Netflix’s Money Heist’s premise is exactly what it sounds like. It is about a group of criminals who plan and execute an elaborate heist. This event has already started and will run from November 20th until the 24th. It is entirely free to participate, but if you want the two bundles, they each cost 1680 R6 credits; one for Hibana and one for Vigil. Each bundle comes with a red jumpsuit for the character, a Money Heist headpiece, a charm, and a skin for their respective weapon. Check out what each bundle has in the gameplay video below.

This event also coincides with a few days of Rainbow Six Siege going free to play. Starting today and wrapping up on the 24th, the game is free to play on all platforms. So if you’re a fan of Money Heist and haven’t played Rainbow Six Siege yet, this is your chance to experience it.

Though the gameplay does not change in this event, will you still check it out? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Ubisoft