Maybe We’re Getting Another Tony Hawk Game?

New Rumors Spring From The Ether

Feeling the skateboarding void in your gaming life? Thirsty for another entry in the Skate franchise? How about another Tony Hawk game, would you settle for that instead? Please say yes. Rumors ’round the mill suggest that another Tony Hawk game is in the works.

another tony hawk game

Last month, a podcast interview with Lizzie Armanto had her talking about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. During this talk, she mentioned that “he’s coming out with another one, and I’ll be in that too.” Apparently subsequent versions of the podcast recording don’t mention this, which means maybe she wasn’t supposed to talk about it yet? Always a good sign.

Beyond this mysterious audio clip, a well-known insider known as Sabi made some coy posts about skateboards and games this week. In particular, they said that “So about that Activision remake that had some work done I mentioned a week or two ago… Sure hope you like skating.” Hoo boy! While this isn’t anything like evidence, it sure pairs well with that elusive podcast clip I can’t link to. Assuming you’re feeling generous with your faith in these things, we could have ourselves another Tony Hawk game coming out sometime soon. We’ll definitely update this the moment a shred of evidence makes an appearance.