More Rumors Arise About Rockstar’s Project Medieval

Like That It Exists At All

Depending on who you listen to, Rockstar is either working on Grand Theft Auto VI, or something entirely different. That second option is known as Project Medieval, a mysterious IP apparently set somewhere in Europe during the knights and knaves era. A fresh batch of rumors regarding the project have recently popped up online.

Rockstar logo project medieval

The fresh gossip leans on Rockstar character artist Pawas Saxena. An edited LinkedIn post pointed to the once-defunct Project Medieval being back in active development. The post referred to Saxena’s current project as “creating modular environment pieces with organic finish carefully following medieval architectural style.” It’s a tiny thread, but still one worth picking at.

If you’re looking for much less reliable information, a Reddit user claims that this game will be focused on swordfighting and/or dueling. They also claim that the release date is currently set for the first part of 2021. All of this is based on more or less nothing at all, so beware! While all this rumor fodder is a sparse meal, there are the barest strings of actual meat attached. Perhaps Rockstar will reveal something like a confirmation sooner rather than later? They would definitely do a medieval setting justice.