Latest Humble Bundle Has Some Real Bangers

Art Sqool and Frog Detective Are A Dollar

The latest Humble Bundle is a cavalcade of weird indie games, if that’s the sort of thing you constantly crave. In particular, Frog Detective and Art Sqool make up the bottom tier. You can get both of those games for one whole dollar! Or slightly more than that, if you’re living in Canada.

Battle Chef Brigade Top latest humble bundle

Frog Detective is a short but sweet adventure surrounding a haunted island. If you like wholesome, weird stories, then this will be right up your alley. I know almost nothing about Art Sqool, but the aesthetic speaks to me on a molecular level. This is a statement, one I will strain mightily to perceive.

If you’re looking to spend more than 1$ USD, there’s also Battle Chef Brigade, Flipping Death, Minit, and Toejam and Earl: Back in The Groove. The whole lot is a master class on strange experiences that leave you slightly more fulfilled. This latest Humble Bundle is on from now until November 12th. As always, your purchase will go towards charity, making you feel that much better about buying even more games for your PC.