Fortnite is Having a Fishing Tournament

All That Time Playing Cabela’s Hunting Games Have Finally Paid Off

Fortnite is currently holding a fishing tournament for all those who are willing and able to participate. If you have ever wanted to prove yourself as the outdoorsman that you know you are, now is your time to shine. The tournament has been going on all weekend but you can still take part in the fun if you hurry. The rewards for taking part in this event is a new “bottomfeeder” pickaxe. It is by no means handing out new weapons but a skin is a skin. You always got to look good when you just out of that bus.

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To get in on the fishing action all a player needs to is find a rod in-game and start fishing. Nothing too complicated. Rods can be found all over the map. They most likely spots are usually chests and high traffic areas. But there also tends to be rods hidden in barrels at locations that are near water. Make sure you check every nook and cranny.

Once you find your rod you will just have to find a spot on the water where it looks as though bubbles are coming to surface. That is Forntite’s way of telling you that fish are in that area. You just have to cast and wait for something to bite.

To qualify for the new pickaxe players will have to have completed one of the six Fishing Frenzy challenges that Fortnite has on at the moment. All the challenges range quite severely in difficultly. So everyone should be able to complete at least one.

Make sure you act fast, the challenge is going to end sooner than later. Good luck.