Code Vein DLC Has Been Announced for 2020 on Twitter

With a Free Update Next Month

Code Vein is approaching its two month birthday. Jeez, I should like a new parent. And like parenting for a two-month old, Code Vein is brutally difficult and is famous for it. The JRPG is known as the “Anime Dark Souls”. That being said, there are people who have finished Code Vein. I’m not sure I want to meet them, but they exist. A criticism of the game is that there is not much for players to do after finishing the game, but that is about to change with the announcement of Code Vein DLC slated for 2020.

Code Vein DLC

According to a tweet by the Code Vein Twitter account, there will be 3 pieces of DLC expected to release in early 2020. It says “#CodeVein’s DLC 1-3 will include a new story, bosses, customization items and more!” We’re not sure if that means all those DLCs will include all of those elements or if they will be spread throughout them. Regardless, it is something for hardcore fans to look forward to. There will also be a free update coming next month which contains a Photo Mode. The fact that this update is free suggests that the other DLC will be paid, but that is usually pretty standard for content of that nature.

No word on exact release dates for the paid content, but the image says that they are all coming in “Early 2020”. If you aren’t sure about Code Vein, you can check out our review here on our site. Code Vein is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

What are you expecting from this Code Vein DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter