Find Out How Wars Will be Fought in Crusader Kings 3

I’m About to Get Medieval on Your A**

Paradox, the developers behind Crusader Kings 3 has released a new diary that covers how wars will be fought in their latest game. Conquering and subjugating your neighbors is one of the most important parts of any Paradox game. The general ideas have remained the same however, there have been a lot of changes. It seems as though Crusader Kings 3 is going to create an even more in-depth and detailed form of combat than before. Focusing heavily on things like levies, professional troops, and customization.

Crusader Kings 2

Since this is a game that is taking place in the Medieval world, most of your armies are going to be made up of filthy peasants. These peasant levies are going to form the backbone of any army, but you can still recruit more professional soldiers. Things like men-at-arms and knights are going to serve as elite shock troops in a campaign. The availability of high-end pros is most likely going to increase as the years drag on. Access to troops is, of course, going to vary region to region. Culture will also play a factor in what kind of units you can recruit.

Siege weapons will also play a large role in wars. While any army can besiege a castle or city, siege weapons will help speed up that process. There will also be different levels of effectiveness between siege engines too. Catapults will not make as much of an impact as trebuchets for instance.

Knights will behave totally different too. They will serve as both a unit that you can recruit, as well as a character unit. Different members of your court can become knights. The knight characters will act a buff to your armies.

Crusader Kings 3 is scheduled to drop in 2020.