Darksiders Genesis Trailer Aims at the Gunslinger Strife

Don’t Get Blood on His Boots

The upcoming Darksiders game is hitting the market next week for PC and Google Stadia. Soon, we will get to know the last of the Four Horsemen, Strife. In the newest Darksiders Genesis trailer, we see him in action during gameplay and in cinematics. He makes use of dual-wielded guns as a primary weapon. This fighting style makes the top-down, dungeon crawler spin-off make a lot more sense. The departure this game takes from the 3rd person action games of its predecessors seems to fit quite well with Strife.

Darksiders Genesis Trailer

While his fellow Horsemen are more hack and slash-y, Strife is more run and gun. The new trailer released earlier this week shows that his guns give him a variety of ways to shoot up his enemies. A constant beam of energy, scatter-shots, and rapid fire shots can be used in tandem with physical attacks to dispatch the bad guys. The trailer is short, but how much can you really show from a game from a fixed perspective before people shut it off? Still, hopefully fans will find themselves looking passed that when they pick it up.

Darksiders Genesis will be out on PC and Google Stadia next week on December 5th. Those releases will be followed by the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch release on February 14th, 2020. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those waiting patiently for the apocalypse.

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Source: YouTube