Call of Duty Mobile Has Made Nearly $54 Million Since Launch

Call of Duty Mobile Had One of the Best Launch Months for a Mobile Game Ever

Call of Duty Mobile was downloaded 148 million times and has made $53.9 million since its launch in October, according to a recent Sensor Tower report. The free-to-play FPS has surpassed Mario Kart Tour in terms of launch month downloads and it’s currently second in that category behind Pokémon Go.

Call of Duty Mobile

Since it’s a free-to-play game, Call of Duty Mobile made its money from microtransactions. According to Sensor Tower, the game reached “a single-day high of $3.1 million spent by players on October 5.” Players in the United States spent the most money on the game ($22.8 million) in its first month and Japan spent the second most amount ($7 million).

When it came to downloads, the game was widely downloaded across multiple regions, according to Sensor Tower.

“In the past month, Call of Duty Mobile averaged 4.9 million downloads daily across both the App Store and Google Play,” Sensor Tower reported, “peaking on October 1—with nearly 24 million downloads in a 24-hour period—contributing to a record-breaking first week. The United States led the way for downloads, generating 23.6 million, or 16 percent, of all installs. The region Call of Duty Mobile proved second most popular in was India, with 16.2 million, or 11 percent of all downloads.”